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Digital Home Server 2

file size: 5.88 MB

The Digital Home Server is a home automation and multimedia application, that consists of a number of applications.

7 / XP

Widgets are small applications that you can move and resize on the screen. Modules are fullscreen applications.

Currently the following applications are released:

* weather forecast * time (analog and digital versions) * rain radar * MP3 player * video player (avi, mkv) * DVD Player * Shopping list * Podcast player * Photo slideshow * Timer

The Digital Home Server has some unique features, not found in similar tools:

* True multi-monitor : all monitors connected to your PC will be used, and any application can run on any monitor. * Any size will do : DHS adapts to whatever screen size you have, whether its 7" or 24" ! * DHS does home automation and multimedia * The graphical user interface is especially designed for touch screens. * Simplicity is more important that just another useless feature. Every action can be done in just a few mouse clicks (or touch, if you have a touch screen)

And finally, its free! No spyware, adware, nag screen or whatever.