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Organize for Mac 1.0.0

file size: 46.39 MB

If you're a freelancer, project manager, or simply working on more than several different tasks during your work day, Organize is the right choice for you!

Trial Period:
14 Days
10.6 / 10.7

Take back Control over your Tasks with a simple 3-Step System to Manage your Tasks:

1. Capture 2. Review and Process 3. Track and Complete

Capture your tasks - fast and intuitive

- Drop any File or Web Link on Organize to create a Task - Quick-Add shortcuts to "just write down" your task list - Add Images, Documents and Web Links to any Task - Integrated Preview for Images and Web Links - Global Search - Quick Access to Completed Tasks

Easily manage Projects and Subtasks

- Scope Bar to quickly filter by Project or Context - Organize your tasks in Projects and Subprojects - Use Subtasks to bring more structure to your Projects - Assign multiple Contexts to your Tasks - Unlimited Levels for Subprojects, Subcontexts, Subtasks - Highly customizable user interface - Easily create recurring events

Powerful Review features

- See the overall status and Next Steps at a glance with the Project Dashboard - Review your Tasks by Date, Project or Context (Location/Person) - Delegate tasks using a RACI Matrix (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed) - Filter by AID (Action, Information, Decision) - Global Search - Show completed Tasks In-Place

WiFi and Cloud Sync included - Sync with Organize for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad - Use WiFi or Cloud Sync

What else? - Password Protection for your Tasks - Specify default settings for new Tasks (Task Templates) - Print your Task Lists with multiple list styles - Export your Task Lists as HTML table