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WorkPlace 1.8

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WorkPlace - Asset Management

WorkPlace is an Asset Management system, giving you an easy overview of all your assets and relevant associated information.

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7 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 Server

That is the simple part......... But WorkPlace is much more than that!

Location Tracking Your assets, big or small, can be allocated to 'locations', which could be anything from internal cost centers to (external) customers. This gives you an overview of what assets you have, and where they are! But there is still more....!

Cost Calculation - Asset Hiring Assets allocated to a location can have a cost calculation associated with it. For example in case of allocation to internal cost centers, depreciation can be calculated against the cost center. In case of asset allocation to external customers, WorkPlace becomes asset hiring management system where hiring-cost is calculated with total precision and accuracy.

Managing 'Bulk Assets' In WorkPlace the meaning of the term 'Asset' it not limited to individual items (anything uniquely identifiable by an identification or serial number). WorkPlace can also manage 'assets' that can only be defined in 'quantities' or 'volumes', like kilograms, tons, cubic meters, etc. A portion of the total available quantity or volume can be allocated to a location or customer, still allowing fully accurate (hire-) cost calculation. This truly unique capability sets WorkPlace apart from any other asset management system available!