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autoproject 0.12

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Autoproject simplifies the creation of a source package for a new program.

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The idea is that you execute Autoproject just once, when you start a new project.

The program creates a new directory and populates it with standard files that are customized for the new project.

Autoproject takes a single argument, which is the name of the new program. It asks for a program description and other data. It then creates a subdirectory and populates it with a C program with command line parsing, a simple manual page, a texinfo page and other standard files.

The package is intended to follow the GNU programmingstandards. It uses Autoconf to configure itself and Automake to create the Makefile. The new program always supports the options "--help" and "--version" and optionally supports certainstandard options like "--quiet."

Autoproject can set up the new project to use a command line parser generator. Autoproject creates an appropriate options description file, and the generated Makefile includes the commands to invoke the parser generator as needed.

Currently, Autogen and Clig are supported.