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JBL Risk Manager 8.4

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JBL Risk Manager (Created 2011) is software that keeps Money, Risk & Trade Management simple!

Money Management tells you how many shares to trade and vital. It's a defensive concept that keeps you in the game to trade another day. Dont confuse Money Management with Stop Placement. Stop placement does not answer the question, how many shares/stocks to trade? Risk Management may also be the difference between success and failure when trading shares. It refers to Stop Placement to minimise any losses and protect your profits. Your Maximum % Risk per Trade should NEVER be more than 2% of your Core Trading Capital. Your recommended Initial Stop Loss price is calculated and displayed automatically before each trade. The maximum Trade Size for each trade should never be more than 20% (or 19%) of your Core Trading Capital and our Position Sizing - Money Management program calculates this for you by optimizing your Capital, minimizing your risk, protecting your Profits and monitoring your trade and portfolio performance. It integrates with Metastock format data for simplicity.