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Split Table Wizard for Microsoft Excel 1.0

file size: 13.50 MB

Split Table Wizard instantly splits an Excel worksheet across multiple tables based on key values in selected columns.

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15 Days
7 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista

Use this add-in if you have a large table with complete pieces of information that you need to have in separate spreadsheets.

The wizard will guide you through the splitting process: easily select the table you need to separate, choose the key column or columns and pick the destination and names for the resulting tables.

With Split Tables for Excel you can:

- Select columns with the key values by which to split the data - Indicate if your table has headers - Insert the resulting tables into the current or new Excel workbook - Choose to insert each new table into a separate workbook - Select the folder for saving the split tables - Copy a header to all split tables - Name the inserted worksheets by key column value or by number

This smart add-in works with Excel 2003 - 2010. Just try it and it will make the splitting routine a breath!