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Java Web Start 1.0.1

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With Java Web Start, you launch applications simply by clicking on a Web page link.

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If the application is not present on your computer, Java Web Start automatically downloads all necessary files.

Java Web Start will then cache the files on your computer, so the application is always ready to be relaunched any time you want -- either from an icon on your desktop or from the browser link.

And no matter which method you use to launch the application, the most current version of the application is always presented to you.

Java Web Start is easy to use. You can efficiently access, download and launch applications as easily as you access a Web page. To get started, just click on the graphic below to download and install the early-access version of the Java Web Start product.

Because Java Web Start runs independently of any browser, you can shut down your browser or surf to another Web page and continue using your application.

Applications deployed with Java Web do not require a browser interface to operate. To save time later, you can relaunch your desired application -- any time -- from the desktop icon, without powering up your browser again.

End-users will discover the ease of Java Web Start for everyday tasks, while developers will appreciate its flexibility, power and inherent security features when deploying new applications on the Web.


    In order to use Java(tm) Web Start you must have a version of Java 2 standard edition installed.