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Wireless Password Recovery 1.0.0

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Wireless Password Recovery is a powerful program to perform security audit of your wireless network through a set of detailed reports.

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An unregistered version shows only first 3 characters of decrypted passwords and has a number of oth
7 / XP / 2003 / Vista
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It is also one of the world's most effective products for recovering WPA or WPA2 passwords which you have lost or forgotten.

It offers more that ten powerful methods to hack wifi password including support for several exclusive techniques completely unique to this software like Artificial Intelligence recovery, customize word mutations, making a word-list by indexing files on your HDD, extracting password hashes from non-bootable operating systems, loading hashes from network dumps and sniffer logs, etc.

Wireless Password Recovery uses your GPU when it comes to recovering wireless passkeys through its various dictionary attacks. This allows you to effectively solve your Wi-Fi problems in less time than any other competing solution.

Whether you are an IT security expert, a network administrator, a security auditor or a computer forensics technician, Wireless Password Recovery provides the ultimate solution to suit your requirements. The software is also useful for home users who need to recover a lost wireless network password.

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