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Epubor eBook Converter Ultimate

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Epubor eBook Converter Ultimate is a powerful tool enables you convert any ePub, PDF, Kindle/Mobi, AZW books to be read on kindle, iPad, Sony, Nook or others.

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7 / 98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 95 / 2003 / Vista / 10 / 2008 Server

It includes two major functions: any DRM Removal and any eBook Converter included ePub, PDF, AZW, Kindle Mobi,etc. formats. You can convert any ebook with DRM protection or out of DRM protection, so you can convert ePub to PDF, PDF to ePub, ePub to Mobi, Mobi to ePub, ePub to Kindle, Kindle to ePub, ePub to AZW, AZW to ePub, Kindle to PDF, PDF to Mobi.etc. Also you can feel freely to choose ePub, PDF, or Kindle/Mobi, etc. as output format that fits your e-reader, so it is powerful. This is the first two functionality in one ebook converter. You can convert DRMed or DRM free e-books to be read on kindle, ipad and other e-readers by using this converter ultimate tool, the other ebook converters can't have these a lot of excellent characters, so it's unique. eBook Converter and DRM Removal functionality are in one eBook Converter Ultimate. It includes five DRM removals such as ePub DRM Removal, PDF DRM Removal, Kindle DRM Removal, Nook DRM Removal, Adobe DRM Removal and more than three ebook converters. You can convert ebook formats either DRM protected or DRM unprotected to epub, pdf, azw or kindle mobi. That output ebook formats fit more than 20 e-reader styles.

Main characters: #The first tool can convert e-books with DRM protection or free of protection to another popular ebook formats for being read on any e-reader you'd like. #Batch conversion. Save much of your time. #Drag and drop directly. #Works well on Windows. Tips: Input formats included: EPUB, PDF, AZW, MOBI with any DRM protection like Kindle DRM, Nook DRM, Adobe DRM. Output formats included: EPUB, PDF, MOBI or more than 20 e-reader styles.

What's new ? 1) Enhance the capability to decrypt Kindle DRM; 2) Solve the Nook book's credit card change problem; 3) Support "Extra Large Icons" for Windows Vista/Win 7; 4)Fix the compatibility issue for Win XP.