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The Godfather for Pokki 1.0.0

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The Godfather is a free-to-play multiplayer mafia strategy game for your Windows PC.

Published by:
7 / XP / Vista / 8

Play The Godfather: Five Families for free, right from your desktop.The year is 1935, and the five biggest crime families of the century are at war. Join the fight and unite with one of the infamous Five Families as they fight for power on the streets of New York City. The time has come for one Family to take control of the fledgling Mafia underworld-- battle your way to the top and the entire city could be yours. Learn the ropes, build your empire, and rule the streets of New York in a brand new strategy game! Download the Pokki desktop app game to join the Family today. Kabam, the leading developer of hardcore social games, partnered with Pokki to bring three popular Kabam games to the Pokki platform including: Dragons of Atlantis(TM), Edgeworld(TM) and The Godfather(TM): Five Families(TM). Highlights * Rise through the ranks and build your own criminal empire, one bloody brick at a time. * Intimidate and collect from your neighbors. * 'Go to the mattresses' with better weapons, skills, and equipment. * Crush your rivals and above all, protect the Family.