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XReminder 1.0.0

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XReminder is a prototype reminder tool notifying you of your notes the moment you want.

Trial Period:
100 Entries
7 / XP / Vista / 8

The notification possibilities are convenient and ensure that you will miss nothing. XReminder combines simple text notes about important things (such as birthdays, meetings, tasks etc) with alarms. You can define many alarms according to the importance and nature of the note.

XReminder uses concepts from the real life. It combines the notes (like yellow sticky notes) with the alarms (like alarm clock). By combining them it creates a reminder.


- Reminder messages (notes) are separated from the way the notifications are made (alarms). - 3 alarm types: a) on pc start up, b) on specific time c) periodically. - Alarm time setting at the minute. - Alarm with sound or not. - Yearly repeated reminders. - Filtering of te reminders for easier editing. - Option to disable specific reminders. - Option to disable all reminders. - Option to disable all reminders until shutdown. - Option to disable specific reminder until expiration.

Why This Tool

I wanted a tool to remind me important stuff like tasks, events, deadlines etc of my job (and my personal life if possible). I didn't want a complicated software with detailed daily schedule. Simple text messages are enough for me to recall what I have to do or where to look for more details. Also, this tool should be able to give me notifications of the important things many times per day and for a period of days because sometimes I may be away from my pc or some days I am too busy to accomplish the task. I searched a lot but I was not able to find what I wanted. So, I created this tool myself. Now, this tool satisfies my needs the way I want. I hope the same for you.