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Corrupt Open Office Recovery 1.3.0

file size: 7.27 MB

Open Office files are in reality conventionally zipped collections of xml files.

Published by:
7 / 2k / XP / 2003 / Vista / 8

The program first attempts to repair the zip structure of the file as in all likelihood this where corruption has occurred. After zip repair, one recovery method the user can choose, is to simply salvage the text or data, not formatting. The text or data of the Open Office file is usually contained in one of these sub files called content.xml. This program accesses that sub-file and extracts the text/data.

After the zip repair, another recovery method offered possibly recovers formatting as well the text or data. This is done by unzipping the zip repaired Open Office file and then radically simplifying the manifest.xml file within the extracted xml collection. Afterwards the file collection is rezipped and the hopefully repaired file is attempted to be opened in whatever program your operating system is associating with Open Office files. Usually the Manifest.xml file is rebuilt by Open Office or whatever program is associated.

Finally an 'Alternatives' menu is provided with online links offering advice, commercial software and services for recovering your corrupt file, including a mention of the coupon 'S2SERVICES' being honored until Nov. 1, 2014 for a $39 value free Recoveronix' Online File Repair.

This program was previously known as Open Office Recovery.