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Fixico 3.0

file size: 15.32 MB

Fixico: Everything you need to keep your computer fast, safe and happy!

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14 Days
7 / XP / Vista / 8
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Fixico: Everything you need to keep your computer fast, safe and happy.

Why download or purchase antivirus programs and keep track of updates and junk file cleaning, running regular defrag sessions, when you can get it all in one place, at one low price? Fixico works automatically; just set your policies and let us do all the heavy lifting.

Fixico is an IBM-powered maintenance solution that regularly cleans and updates your computers, keeping them safe and fast. From diagnostics to all necessary software updates, virus protection and questionable content filtering, you get all you need in one simple package. It's like having a mini IT guy in your computer that works 24/7, never eats, never sleeps, and is always making sure that your computers are running smoothly, efficiently and safely - without bothering you.


- No contract and low monthly cost. Only $5 device/month! The price goes down as you add more computers. No contract means
   you can cancel at any time.
- Performance optimization keeps your computer fast and efficient.
- Our easy-to-use web interface let you oversee all of your computers and manage them from anywhere, using our cloud based technology.
- Works 24/7: monitoring, analyzing, diagnosing and fixing. We're always on the job.
- Handles all updates & security patches automatically.
- Provides a Business Grade Antivirus Service that regularly scans and removes threats automatically and updates automatically
  (BTW, its all done in the background, Fixico doesn't interfere with your regular PC activities while it works).
- Cleans registry and junk files regularly and automatically.
- Offers content filtration options - adult content, social media.
- Blocks malware & phishing sites.