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QiPress 1.043

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Highly customizable portable Windows utility for on screen display of mouse button/key presses on the computer.

Published by:
7 / XP / 8
Support URL:

QiPress is a portable Windows program that displays mouse and keyboard key presses in a small customizable popup window on the primary system monitor.

Major Features: 1) Displays any key pressed on keyboard, including standard and numpad, as well as the mouse 2) Displays state of Toggle Keys (Caps, Num and Scroll Locks) and Modifier Keys (Win, Ctrl, Shift and Alt) 3) Background, foreground color, text size, transparencyr can be customized 4) Easy placement on the screen, by simply disabling click-through function and dragging it to the new position 5) Truely portable application, can run on any compatible Windows computer without installing on it

Unique Features: 1) Enable/Disable key display based on their categorization (regular keyboard, function keys, cursor-control keys, mouse, multimedia and volume keys and more) 2) Static Text in the pop-up windows, to display your name, company's name or website (useful while recording demo screen-casts) 3) QiMeter function, that counts key strokes (Odometer and Tripmeter function)

The target user categories are: 1) Product marketing teams during Product demo/presentations 2) Application developers/system programmers 3) Hardware technical support to diagnose keyboard problems 4) Web-tutors 5) Educational institutes