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Project Confidence 1.0

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What is it?

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A risk management and identification app that works in Microsoft Project with your existing plans.

What does it do? Project Confidence tells you all the possible dates your project could complete by, and how likely each of those dates are met. It also tells you the criticality of every single task in your project plan. This shows you where your project risks lie.

How does it work? Project Confidence uses the Monte Carlo method to simulate how your project will move and change across its lifetime.

Anyone who has ever had to deliver a project will have a moment when they will be asked just how confident they are of delivering on the dates. At best they can answer based on judgment informed by knowledge and experience, an informed guess. At worst, the answer is a stab in the dark. Now you can answer with confidence.

Most projects fail to achieve their objectives; dont be the manager of one of them!

A recent study of large projects conducted by the Project Management Institute showed that 90% can be successful, but typically only 34% actually are successful.

Using Project Confidence you know how confident you can be about your projects plan dates. You can also use it to understand the risk criticality of every task in your plan. It can even be used to help you understand different planning options.

The truth is modern projects are extremely complex. Most managers cant understand all the project interdependencies and how they interact. They need a better tool to allow them to understand and analyse their projects, freeing them to focus on the decisions and actions they need to take to deliver their projects. This is that tool.