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Dryguard Moisture test 1.0

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The Dryguard moisture test will help you determine the exact moisture problem you are dealing with and suggest the best course of action you can take to remedy your situation.

7 / 98 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 Server / 2012 Server / 8

A lot of houses, especially buildings that are older have trouble with rising damp. The most common cause for rising damp is usually related to a missing protective underlayer. This means the walls are in direct contact with the underlying ground. Especially the older building materials are more porous and will absorb the moisture from the ground which then ends up in the walls. If rising damp is left untreated it can cause mould and even fungus on walls, ceilings and even floor. Fungus can have serious health consequences and should therefore be removed as soon as possible. There are several possible causes for moisture problems and therefore an accurate diagnosis should be made to be sure we are dealing with rising damp.