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My Film Kiosk

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My Film Kiosk is a powerful, yet easy-to-use database software to store and organise your personal collection of films.

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30 Days
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The system is capable of storing thousands of film entries including film name, description, genre, cover image, trailer and even user-defined categories.

Download: Effortlessly add films to your collection by downloading directly from our high quality central film database maintained by our expert staff.

Organise: You can organise your film library using several dimensions. Some of the dimensions currently supported by the system are Genre, Country, Language, Subtitles, Actors, Rating and user-defined Categories.

Search: Your film library can be searched using filters based on one or several of the supported dimensions at the same time. Need to find an action film spoken in English and with Spanish subtitles? No problem!

Rate: You can rate your films according to your personal taste. In this way you can later easily find your favourite films.

Share: With the build-in lending functionality, you can share your films with your family and friends without ever losing track on who has borrowed which film, when and for how long.

Watch: Watch film trailers directly from My Film Kiosk.

Lottery: And when you cannot make up your mind as for which of your movies to watch, just play a Film Lottery and the system will randomly pick up a movie from your library. After all, it is not always easy to choose.