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FontTwister 1.4

file size: 1.78 MB

Font Twister is a Microsoft Windows compatible application which provides users with functional office utility.

Published by:
Trial Period:
30 Days
7 / XP / Vista / 8

It allows users to create stylized text without the need of learning and installing high end graphic design software. It is the easiest and easiest way to create text effects with a collection of templates including graphic styles, textures, color gradients, shapes, letter edges, shadows, buttons, 3D bevels and frames. Font Twister allows you to edit fonts and stylize effects as you work on them in real time. These effects may then be edited at any time during the design process. Published by Neuber Software, Font Twister also allows a generous amount of flexibility when it comes to adding effects to True type fonts. While many of the preset effects do provide great designs, Font Twister provides you with extensive control over what the outcome will look like. Font Twister makes used of anti-aliased text to create 2D or 3D text for banners, posters, logos, headings, buttons, fliers and even presentations. One of the many features of Font Twister includes the Randomizer which generates a series of random effects and displays the results in a preview window. This allows users to control the output and see how their work is progressing. The text can even be saved in the form of a vector Font Twister File in order to edit it at a later date. Font twister is compatible with many image formats such as .png, .jpg, .bmp, .tif and .wmf. An incredibly fast program which takes up very little space, Font Twister does not need Open GL, DirectX or other libraries in order to function. Other than built in designs, its online library also allows you to access a much wider collection of effects for download. Although it can be downloaded for free, Font Twister has a 30-day Trial period beyond which it can only be used after payment. Until the software has been purchased, the effects will contain a watermark and will also display a nag screen prompting you to purchase.