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CoachStat Baseball 2.0.0

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<p><b><i>CoachStat Baseball 2</i></b> is a complete software solution for managers, statisticians, and baseball enthusiasts.

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The program includes the ability to enter a single team or track as many teams/opponents as desired. A new database is created for each season recording that season's stats and providing an archive of past seasons</p> <ul> <lh>Program Features</lh> <li>Ideal for High School, College, Semi-Pro, Managers/Statisticians</li> <li>Perfect for tracking the stats of your favorite baseball team</li> <li>Extremely useful for fantasy baseball enthusiasts</li> <li>Store individual data for players and coaches</li> <li>Enter as much or as little info about the other teams you play as you wish</li> <li>Track hitting, fielding, and pitching stats</li> <li>View, print and export reports of all stats</li> <li>Stores inning-by-inning data for all games played