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FileOne for Windows

FileOne is an email client, note taking organizer/PIM with multi-media support.

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60 Days
7 / XP / Vista / 10 / 8
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FileOne, the Treegonizer

FileOne combines and really integrates functions you use the most from your desktop OS to save time and organize your documents, notes, contacts, emails, multimedia, web browsing, downloads and office files the way you want.

FileOne is a Treegonizer. Everything is arranged from a tree that represents the data stored into FileOne. Data is stored into FileOne automatically when you use FileOne to create documents, notes, send and receive emails, download, record from online radio stations, import files, create PDFs, create screencuts, share data, etc etc etc. All data is stored in a single special file container that is extremely fast and allows managing, hyperlinking, structuring (by means of the Treeview), searching and secure sharing of your data.

FileOne uses a single tabbed GUI to access all functions mentioned below. No more switching between lots of Windows or searching for files using different programs. 1 program, 1 GUI, 1 file.

Native functions of FileOne (built-in) are:

Document/pop-up notes editor and viewer
Email client
Web browser
Bookmark manager
Download manager
Audio player
Movie downloader
Movie player
Online radio station player
Online radio station recorder
Image viewer
Storage engine for office and other type of files
Program launcher
Password manager
Secure sharing of selected data with others
PDF generator for documents, pop-up notes, email and web pages.

Other highlights

Runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS
Manage by a treeview (outliner)
Encrypt selected data with a single right mouse click
Supports huge notes and documents
Supports rich text formatting options
Send and receive secure email
Import image/photo files and view them
Import music tracks and play them
Create calendar/todo entries
including meeting invitations
Play online radio streams
Record from online radio streams
Import movies and play them
Download movies from online video streams
Create slide shows from imported images
Create play lists from imported music tracks
Import any type of file and associate any type of editor or viewer with it
Hyperlink all entries to each other
Structure all entries using a treeview with drag, drop, copy and move operations
Use as a rich portable documentation/help vehicle with text, audio an movies
(optionally/on request onnly) Generate free format invoices for self employed persons/small businesses
Mail anything from the treeview with just a right mouse click
Maintain contacts
Automatic inbox/outbox management
Share items and data with anyone else using FileOne