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ExamIO 1.5

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How does it work?

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ExamIO is a software based on the OMR tecnology (Optical Mark Recognition) created to design, correct and analyze automatically tests exams and polls carried out by means of paper sheets. You can see some templates examples here .

What are the main characteristics?

ExamIO has many advantages:

ExamIO is a user-friendly software which will allow you define and correct your tests in a short period of time. ExamIO presents in a single software the three elements necessary to carry out a test evaluation: The design of the test template, correction of the filled in tests and numerical and statistical analysis of the results. You can create all the tests evaluations that you need. ExamIO saves all the templates in the server, in order to allow you accessing them from any computer. With ExamIO you will be able to customize your tests evaluations, defining the number of questions and answers that you need. ExamIO works with black and white sheets in order to reduce the costs when printing the tests. Get the statistical results of the questions and export them to excel if you need it. ExamIO works without licenses nor local databases. Add names of the evaluated people to the final results. Customize the tests for each one of the evaluated people. Define the threshold mark between passed and failed. Discard questions for each permutation that must be removed from the final results after the evaluation.

NEW FUNCTIONALITIES in version 1.4 Export test template in high definition using pdf format pdf!!! Combine different result files to properly get your overall results. Maximize the window size to improve the review and analysis of the results. Export statistics to Excel file. Choose the decimal separator to export the results avoiding to change the regional settings of your operating system. Customize result files to get the desired result files. Choose ExamIO background color for easy viewing.

What do I need?

In order to use ExamIO you will need to use an scanner in order to scan all the filled in testsand save them in a folder in your computer.

Moreover, a printer is needed in order to print the tests to be filled in by the people under evaluation. Internet conexion is also necessary to use the software.