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SEOindexbooster 1.1.9

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SEOindexBooster is a tool to create high ranking backlinks within hours.

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It uses a very simple method. It submits your site to a large number of sites like,,,,,,,, etc. These backlink sites are highly visible to the major search engines and will quickly spider, aggregate, and link to your web site, many within the same day of submission. SEOindexBooster is especially powerful for giving a brand new web site an jumpstart. Within hours the first backlinks are created. For already established web sites, SEOindexBooster can help you gain visibility in search engines that you may not have already been listed with. The program uses an online database, which is update frequently. It currently holds around 3200 urls. The major advantage of SEOindexBooster is the fact that it is free. And with free we mean: Free download; Free usage; Free backlinks; No subscription; No account creation; No adware; No mailings.