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BacklinksXRay 4.0.1

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BacklinksXRay allows you to quickly Check, Analyze & Audit the Backlinks of any site - Yours or your competitor's and then analyze every aspect of it to get valuable optimization insights to help you with your SEO-Campaign.

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The software allows you to quickly export Key SEO-Metrics of any selected list of Backlinks into Excel for further Reporting & Data-Mining.

With BXR you can check your Backlinks-Profile for Broken links, Anchor-Text, Link's Target-URL, Follow/No-Follow Tags and above 40 other SEO parameters for each of your backlinks, all is done in Real-Time in front of your eyes.

Reverse engineer your competitors Backlink strategy with just a few clicks - Copy their best link sources by looking at the SEO-Metrics of each of his backlinks such as PageRank, Alexa, MozDa, Site-Size and more than 40 other SEO Parameters.

Check out BacklinksXRay's Features:

- Simple and intuitive user interface. - Save & Load Unlimited projects. - Full Data Import & Export capabilities. - Toxic / UnNatural Backlinks Discovery. - Over Optimization Analysis Reports. - Backlink Anchor-Text Distribution Reports. - Display of Real-Time SEO Stats for each backlink.

BacklinksXRay was created with Simplicity and Flexibility in mind - so that beginners will find the basic functionality easy enough to understand and use while the professional SEO will find BacklinksXRay an invaluable SEO Swiss Army Knife to handle all their daily Backlink Analysis & Research Needs.