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Clone Files Checker 3.0

Clone Files Checker solves the problem of duplicate files in Windows PCs/Laptops and helps you organize files.

7 / XP / Vista / 10 / 8

Clone Files Checker (CFC) solves the problem of duplicate files in Windows PCs/Laptops and helps you organize files. Duplicate files are created inside folders, drives and portable storage devices. These include photos, songs, itunes items, videos, documents and other file types. People who want to remove clutter from their machines often need software to find and then safely delete duplicate files. Using this Duplicate Cleaner, you can achieve these 3 important benefits: [Create more space by deleting identical files] > [Perform organized computing in a clutter-free PC] > [Keep system lighter and less susceptible to data corruption] Here are examples of people who need this utility: Photo lovers (they always find duplicate photos in their collections), music lovers (itunes duplicates and windows media player songs duplicates make them annoyed), professionals (productive users of computers who want their data cleaned up from mess). The Microsoft Windows (including Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8, Windows 7 and Vista/XP) do not provide a mechanism to remove duplicate files from Windows OS. Users are left with the option to do this task themselves: either manually or using a duplicate cleaner utility such as the Clone Files Checker duplicate remover. CFC comes with a set of intuitive features which not only make duplicate removal easier but also safer than the manual way. Basically this duplicate file finder has 3 parent tools: Duplicate File Search, Music Search and iTunes Search. Using the File Search you can identify clone files including duplicate pictures, video dupes, documents and media archives. The basic file search can also find duplicate songs and mp3 files based on content resemblance technology. However, this search of music files won't involved LD3 tags which is an option available in the iTunes and Music Search modes. Using the Music Search mode you can scan for identical music lurking inside your folders or drives. The search would render similar songs based on criteria such as tags, titles, albums, duration, bit rate and the file content. The iTunes Search automatically scans your iTunes library and comes up with the songs that can be classified as 'clones' according to the criteria set by user. Once a scan is completed user can remove the double files through the QUICK FIX feature or the REVIEW & FIX feature. Users are also shown live previews of the images, songs and videos. It makes sure you are deleting only the unwanted files. The software takes backup of the data in a compressed form. Users can delete all the backups with 1-click. It is not necessary to take backup before eliminating duplicates.