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Illustrator XML Creator 1.10

file size: 5.85 MB

Illustrator XML Creator, is the software that will make it possible to Create a Adobe Illustrator XML file from a MS Excel spreadsheets, comma delimited *.csv and *.txt file and also scan folder and sub folders and save it in a XML file to be used in Adobe Illustrator.

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30 Days
7 / XP / Vista / 10 / 8

The following options are available.

- Create a Adobe Illustrator XML file from MS Excel spreadsheet file. - Create a Adobe Illustrator XML file from a *.csv or *.txt file - Create a Adobe Illustrator XML file from scanned folder/Sub Folders - Scanned text (*.txt) and richtext (*.rtf) files can be converted and added as plain text inside the XML file.

If your MS Excel spreadsheet or comma delimited CSV or TEXT file contains links to a file, then the link will also be added in the Adobe Illustrator XML file, so you will be able to have both test and also images in the XML file for Adobe Illustrator. Please note that the file format must be supported by Adobe Illustrator or you will get a warning in Adobe Illustrator.

You do not need to save all of the coulmns and rows in the XML file, as you have the option to select the Stop Column and also the Start and Stop row. If you have a Column header in the MS Excel file or comma delimited CSV or TEXT file you will be able to use them as a part of the XML Tags.

When you use Scan Folder to XML, you can fill in how the scanned files should be added the the XML. If you would like to have 4 images on each row, you can do so with ease. This way you can scan just one folder and have 4 XML links in Adobe Illustrator. Scanning a Folder and it's sub folders is also available. Its just fast and also easy to use.