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Matrix Model Compiler Learning Edition 2.0.0

file size: 5.13 MB

Matrix is a textual modeling language that's designed to be translated to many existing programming languages such as C, Python, Java and Ada.

Published by:
7 / XP / Vista / 10 / 8

The Matrix language provides an extremely high level of abstraction compared to currently available executable modeling languages because Matrix semantics are especially designed to deal with true modeling concepts.

Not only is Matrix able generate today's and tomorrow's programming languages (given a suitable Model Compiler), models are also architecture independent. This allows exactly the same model to be targeted to vastly different kinds of software architecture.

Matrix features a Simulator which provides developers with a model specific interactive debugging and testing environment. The Simulator is driven by commands for the display of entity objects, generated events and entered states. Scripts can be used to automate test scenarios or the developer may choose to generate events from the command line and display the model's response.

Also in this release are several example Matrix models such as the Passenger Elevator (Lift) model. All come complete with diagrams, walkthrough and code.