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PrivalSystems 77.01

file size: 12.34 MB

Program VoIP adverse communication (video, audio, text exchange, exchange of encrypted files).

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7 / XP / Vista / 10 / 2008 Server / 2012 Server / 8
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Advantages of the program. 1. High-quality audio and video communication, due to the use of fast programming environment. 2. Technology to automatically update the code (the boot process - PrivalSystems). 3. In the program, the aim is to create a maximum ratio, data security / ease of use. There is protection against interception of data over the network - (encrypted network protocol + p2p technology). 4. Trying to break, in order to obtain meaningless passwords because the password is not stored on the servers! 5. User-friendly interface for partners - central banner. (Refers only on user click - it is our policy). Disadvantages of the program (in terms of protection, to call them is not correct). 1. Lack of communication with other clients on the common communication protocol (any transparency leads to cracking). 2. Identification of the user, the phone number (extremely dangerous, both in terms of the protection and privacy of user data).