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Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 10.9

file size: 94.90 MB

Intego Mac Premium Bundle X9 contains everything you need to keep your Mac protected, secure, private, and clean.

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30 Days
10.10 / 10.9 / 10.8
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Keep adware, malware and other threats out of your Mac, prevent strangers and unknown applications from gaining access, backup your important files, find and delete duplicate files, clean and organize your Mac, reclaim valuable disk space, and provide your family with safe, appropriate Internet access. Its the ultimate combination of protection, security, and peace of mind.

Automatic Scans and Around-the-Clock Protection Intego VirusBarrier X9 scans files whenever theyre accessed and automatically checks for the latest updates to make sure youre protected against the newest Mac threats as well as any Windows threats.

Provides Automatic Protection While Youre On the Go Use Intego NetBarrier X9 to switch to the best level of protection no matter where you are. Well prevent strangers from accessing your Macs contents that would otherwise be exposed in an unsecure setting.

Provides a Safe Surfing Environment for Family Members Use Intego ContentBarrier X9 to block out objectionable categories of Internet sites. You can also set up a specific list of websites that get the parental thumbs up so your kids can access them without accidentally running into a filter.

Backs Up Essential Files and Schedules Automatic Backups Intego Personal Backup makes copies of your files for quick and easy recovery from unfortunate incidents like theft, data corruption, or natural disasters. Run manual backups or create an automated schedule.

Cleans Out Stored Information Quickly and Efficiently Use Mac Washing Machine X9 to speed up your Mac by reclaiming space on your startup drive. Mac Washing Machine seeks out and removes duplicates and other unneeded files, frees up hard disk space to speed up the operating system, orga- nizes the Dock and Desktop, and lets you create Smart Folders for quick access to frequently-used files.