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VisionCredit Fintech - Loan - Saving 2017.2

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Current and savings accounts, time deposits, loans, credits, guarantees and equity investments are managed by VisionCredit.

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The transactions referred to are: openings, concessions, cancellations, settlements, extracts transaction reporting, letters, loan repayments, loan payments receipts, etc. All regulations and tax obligations (contracts, communication TAE, pictures, deductions .) Are contemplated. There is always the possibility of back operations performed. Removing: openings, concessions, depreciation, and even settlements and communications. The accounts are grouped in families (plans) with similar characteristics but is allowed to reach the level specified account values. When it is operating on groups of accounts and settlements and extracts the application displays those plans under the operation. For example to extract only current plans to extract whose indicator appear to be true. These points illustrate the versatility and ease of use with which VisionCredit help you in your daily work.