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Tif-PDF 1.0

file size: 3.92 MB

A tool that allows converting individual or batch TIFF (.tif) files into PDF files.

Published by:
7 / 10 / 8

Version 1.02 updates / bugs fixed 1. After a session ends, there is an option to clear the list of files. 2. There is an option to set the destination path which is, by default, 3. There is a status bar showing the progress, success and failure of the task. 4. Program only process .tif and .tiff files and ignore other types. 5. Some rare types of .tif / .tiff files can't be processed. In previous version that caused a crash. In the new version, an error message appears. In the next version we will try to add more types of .tif / .tiff files to the files we process.

Version 1.03 updates / bugs fixed 1. Better flow of application 2. Can be used for 5 times for free, then the price for a lifetime license is $29