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Renderwow renderwow_5.

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Renderwow cloud rendering renderfarm supports V-Ray for SketchUp.

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7 / XP / 10 / 8

It is one of authorized commercial render farm for VRay sketchup rendering by Chaosgroup and supports VRay multiple scences batch submission. Rendering jobs can be conveniently submitted within SketchUp. All subsequent steps will be done automatically such as packaging, compressing, uploading, rendering and downloading. Features: 1.Renderwow supports V-Ray 3.0 above (include 3.0) and SketchUp 2017. 2.For the distributed rendering, Renderwow has supported the maximum servers for one job is 10 servers. 3.Support V-Ray proxy, IES, photon(vrmap, vrlmap, vrpmap)etc. 4.Support standard channels and custom channels 5.Support animation rendering 6.Support batch submitting multiple pages