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TEMASOFT Ranstop is an efficient anti-ransomware software for companies.

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Based on behavior analysis, Ranstop detects and blocks ransomware as it starts compromising files, by identifying particular activity and can cover for zero-day ransomware and targeted ransomware variants. It cuts detection time of ransomware to seconds and substantially reduces the number of compromised files by blocking the malicious processes before the infection spreads. In addition, Ranstop protects sensitive areas such as the MBR, against ransomware which attempts to exploit them (e.g. Petya). Featuring patent-pending file recovery technology, Ranstop automatically secures your important files so that if they are affected by ransomware, they can be recovered without paying ransom to the attackers (only if Ranstop is installed on a clean machine, before the attack). Ranstop allows automatic recovery of files altered by ransomware, from the time it entered the system, till the time it was detected and blocked. Moreover, the product also allows files to be recovered manually in case of accidental loss or other incidents.

Features: Crypto-lockers and screen-lockers detection. Detection of mass deletion operations. Automatic ransomware blocking. Automatic and manual file recovery. MBR protection. Automatic isolation of infected machines. Alerting on ransomware incidents.