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WyeSoft Chess v1.21

file size: 3.67 MB

WyeSoft Chess is an online chess game that allows you to play against other players over the internet or locally (with both players on the same computer).

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7 / XP / Vista / 10 / 8

You can also choose to play against bots with multiple skill level settings. WyeSoft Chess supports both live games, where you make your moves quickly, and long games, where you might only move once every few hours, days or even weeks.

You do not need to keep WyeSoft Chess running for your games to continue. You only need to log in to move if you wish but, if you stay logged in, you will be able to tell when it is your move in a game or if someone has requested a new game with you. The system tray icon will turn yellow if you have unanswered game requests or green if it is your move in one or more of your chess games. You can also configure WyeSoft Chess to alert you by playing a sound and you can even turn on e-mail and SMS alerts for each game.

WyeSoft Chess allows you to play some chess variants as well as standard chess. The variants currently available to play are Chess960, Upside-Down Chess, Pawns Game and Weak!

WyeSoft Chess now also comes with a singleplayer chess-based puzzle game called The Knight's Tour, the aim of which is to move a single knight around the board, visiting each square once and only once.