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VPSrobots 1.0.1

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Managing servers and building websites are always be a headache to pretty much all of us, because we have to spend a great amount of time even bear a considerable sum of money on these jobs.

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Most of people are really tied of that, but still can not find a better way out. That is exactly where VPSrobots from.

VPSrobots was initially brought up in order to extremely simplify work flow on servers managing and websites building, which mainly includes managing and maintaining your Linux VPS with a GUI(Graphical User Interface) through SSH protocol. VPSrobots will automatically install and configure LAMP environment (Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP) for your Linux server with several clicks, which liberates you from manually deploying LAMP and typing command prompt, and you can also build a website(only WordPress by now) in seconds on your Linux VPS with one click, and without needing a certain number of professional server skills.

In addition, VPSrobots also allows you to transfer your website to your Linux VPS from any web hosting platform seamlessly with the assistance of our WordPress plugin named WP Transfer to VPS.

With a great sftp tool on VPSrobbots client, you are able to transfer files between your PC and VPS with sftp, moreover, compressing and uncompressing online are also available here. That dramatically speeds up your work performance.

VPSrobots can benefit these who would like to create and maintain his own WordPress websites, but might get stuck in professional computer skills or be tired of gritty work on maintaining websites every day, who has a limited budget for the professional sever maintenance service, who are dragged by a tremendous amount of work as well as great cost in time and labor on managing and maintaining servers...

VPSrobots will satisfy almost all your needs on managing and maintaining servers as well as building websites, actually , you will know VPSrobots can do more for you only as you experience it.