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EL-Hyper Protector

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EL-Hyper Protector is a specialised software product that allows you to control the windows applications, security, Internet, websites and usage time in your computer in a comprehensive way.

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30 days Days
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This handy and simple software encompasses a wide range of universal multi-functional approaches that can be used as: Parental Controls, Employee Monitor, Student Helper and Self Monitoring Tools.

EL-Hyper Protector mainly consists of these core options:

1. System Controls - Designed to help you to restrict key system security policy: task manager, registry, control panel, and other more 20 options.

2. Website Controls - Designed to provide comprehensive means to control websites by configuring whitelist and blacklist on timely basis.

3. Time Controls - Allow you to fully control usage time of computer and Internet in your windows system on hourly basis.

4. Advanced Controls - Ensures you to prohibit the execution of applications or programs in your windows system, supports any executable file type.

5. Program Controls - Enables you to control specific hard disks/drivers, removable USB storages, TCP ports and folders in your system.

6. Self Controls - Allows you to lock down your own password which has been set for EL-Hyper Protector and restrict your actions.

7. Settings - allow you to reset the password, configure your location and other general settings.

It is available with 30 days full functional free trial version and the download link is: