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SRT Shifter V1.1

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This application can change the subtitle timing in a '.srt' file.

Published by:
7 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 10 / 2008 Server

Simply find a place in the file with the time from which we want to move everything, we will determine the right time for this place and press the 'Shift'. As we can see, from this point in the file, to its end, the time data is changed. If we find another irregularity, we will remove it in the same way.

Sometimes one or two attempts will be enough and everything will be as it should be, the more careful ones will check all the headlines.

In version 1.1, has been added the ability to shift timing only in a selected row, in a selected rows sequence, or from a selected row to the end of a file.

Cooperation with a video player is therefore essential. Perhaps the best is the VLC player, because it has a plethora of video formats and is compiled for different environments, the basic ones are Unix, Windows and Mac platforms.

VLC also has the advantage that it supports running scripts, such as LUA. That's why I chose him. I have written a support script for this application that copies to the Windows clipboard the time of the playback pausing. Time from the clipboard can be then transferred to this application with one button click. This will reduce error rates and increase application speed.

The application is a single form window, see Figure 1. No installation is required, this is so-called one-click application. It also does not need to write anything to registers or disk. The application writes data only to the loaded SRT file. In order to avoid unintentional loss of certainly rare data, a backup file of the same size, with the same content, with the same name, to which ist just addet a extension - '.original', is created when the subtitle file is FIRST opened.