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Lyris ListManager 4.1.2

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ListManager offers all of the features of competing products like Listserv, Majordomo and Mailman, but unlike other mail list servers, it does not rely on an external MTA like Sendmail or Exchange.

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Listmanager incorporates its own built-in MTA that operates in a "lean and mean" fashion and enables ListManager to hit mail delivery speeds of over 500,000 messages per hour with appropriate hardware and licensing.

List manager protects against mail list abuse and spammers by offering a "double opt-in" subscription confirmation system in addition to the option of password protection on subscriber's accounts.

The free version is limited to 50 lists of less than 200 subscribers each. Lyris offers a multi-level licensing structure for those who require larger lists.

Lyris also offers additional tools such as a "Click Through Tracking" module that can track click throughs from advertisements in mailing list content as well as a billing module. In addition, they maintain a user-supported area with all sorts of free scripts that add functionality.

Tucows was so impressed with ListManager that we have moved most of our lists over to this product. We were very pleased with the responsiveness of both our account representative and Lyris's Technical Support Department. ListManager is definitely the best mail list server commercially available.