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WebMail 2.0q

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WebMail is a complete server-side Web-based e-mail system that gives all of your mail users instant, secure access to their e-mail from any computer that has Internet access.

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WebMail features easy integration with existing mail systems, supporting POP, SMPT and IMAP protocols. It is ideal for Internet Service Providers who want to add Web-based e-mail services that are similar to more popular services. It is also useful for companies who need a more full-featured Web-based e-mail solution.

An added advantage of Web-based e-mail is that it is simple to use and administer. No traditional locally-installed e-mail client software is required, only a standard Web browser. This can provide significant savings in both installation costs and time spent on ongoing administration and support of client software.

WebMail is fully customizable, enabling you to easily integrate your site's look and feel. Because WebMail uses standard HTML in its templates, banner advertising and logos can easily be included in any of the pages seen by the user. A special advertising feature means that outgoing messages can also be made to display promotional text or URLs.

WebMail comes with an unlimited user license including 12 months of full e-mail support and free upgrades.