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PocoMail 4.1

file size: 4.05 MB

This e-mail program protects users from viruses and spam.

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Trial Period:
45 Days
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP / 2003
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It includes Bayesian filters, intelligent junk-mail filters, message scripting, message templates, mailing list support, POP and IMAP functions, HTML support, spell checking, multiple accounts, multiple address books, multiple signatures, optional skins to change application appearance, nested mailboxes, fully multi-threaded operation, will display attachments inline without launching external viewer and will automatically backup your mail and program data.

For administrators, moving PocoMail installation from one computer to another is as simple as copying the install directory, as PocoMail does not install any DLLs on the user's computer. Mailboxes are kept in the standard mbox format, address books and filters are in the standard CSV format. With PocoScript, you can extend PocoMail's functionality without having to program external DLLs or plug-ins. PocoScript has access to all message parts so you can do advanced processing of incoming mail, like stripping HTML content, or zipping attachments.