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SWiSHmax 1.0

file size: 8.79 MB

This program allows you to create animated text effects, Flash intros, pop-up menu systems, roll-over buttons, interactive presentations and complete Web sites.

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15 days
98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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It includes 150 effects such as explode, vortex and 3D spin. It has a timeline for coordinating effects and drawing tools for creating shapes, lines and Bezier curves.

Your movies can incorporate text, graphics, buttons, images and sound. Sprite objects let you create a movie within a movie. You can plot motion paths for objects to follow, and live editing allows you to preview changes while the animation is playing.

This program imports file formats including images, vector artwork, audio and animation. It exports the same file format as Macromedia Flash, so your animation will play on any computer that has the Flash player installed. It also generates HTML code necessary to add Flash animation to existing Web pages.