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Advanced Net Tools (ANT) 2.7

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This program can scan an IP network for a list of servers and their shared drives.

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98 / NT / 2k / Me / XP
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Traceroute tells you how many routers are between your PC and another destination. It will also show you the slowest connection point.

The ping utility allows you to change the size of the packets, the time-out, and the number of packets to ping. It shows all of the connections on your PC and their current states. The DNS utility shows you extended information on a given hostname or IP address. You can also look up the mail exchange servers or domain name servers for a specific domain.

The ARP configuration allows you to add and remove ARP entries and view the ARP table from a Windows GUI, and the route configuration allows you to add and remove routing entries and view the route table from a Windows GUI. The adapter configuration allows you to view all adapters and add or remove IP addresses of individual adapters using a Windows GUI.