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PCS Network Tools 4.1.002

file size: 1.13 MB

This collection of network diagnostic tools includes DNS resolution to provide the IP address, hostname, hostname alias, mailhost, and name server records for an entered host.

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15 days
98 / NT / 2k / Me
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It also includes an IP scanner, Traceroute, ping, Whois, finger, time, quote-of-the-day and extensive localhost information. Local information includes hostname, alias, IP address, MAC address, username, primary domain controller, NetBIOS, memory, and Windows version and build.

To minimize typing, the hostnames and IP addresses entered in any tool are added to a history list that can be reused in any other tool in the suite. The output from all of the tools in the suite can be saved to a text file for printing, diagnosis or future reference.


    Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files