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GuitarTab 1.3

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GuitarTab lets you enter guitar tablature on your Mac, and then you can play it back and check the sound.

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Classic / OS X
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It comes with some sample song introductions, so you can hear how it works.

The songs are made up of a string of tab events that specify the notes to be played. Each event can also specify the duration of a note, 64th notes, the duration of modifiers, triplets, fifths, sextets, dotted notes, rest notes and velocities from 0-127.

Editing of notes can be performed with a variety of available features:

  • Enter notes using arrow and number keys, or by clicking the fret board picture
  • Cut, copy and paste single events or collections of events
  • Duplicate events to the left or right of the current event
  • Duplicate single notes above or below the current note
  • Increase or decrease the current note fret
  • Play back the entire song, or a section of a song, using the in and out markers


GuitarTab is fully Carbonized, so it runs on the current MacOS 8.0 and 9.0 and on Mac OS X. Playback requires Apple's QuickTime technology.