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MuchoThumbs Pro 3.1

file size: 1.85 MB

MuchoThumbs is a program that's really handy when it comes to creating thumbnails.

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Classic / OS X
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You can make a page full of thumbnails, create a little image starting from originals, or create a Web page for each image.

All you have to do is point to the directory that contains the images, and they will be automatically turned into thumbnails. It will also rename the files for you. For example; me.jpg, dog.jpg, thekids.jpg, will become Image001.jpg, Image002.jpg, and Image003.jpg.

To view your work, click on the magnifying glass, and the preview will appear in the browser. Since this is the unregistered shareware version, the word "unregistered" will appear over the thumbnail.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.