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RAGE WebDesign 2.3

file size: 3.15 MB

RAGE WebDesign is an html source code editor with built in support for XHTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, XML, ASP, VBScript and more.

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21 Launches
Classic / OS X
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WebDesign was built with extensibility in mind. Dozens of FREE add-ons including plug-ins, language extensions, Syntax coloring files and more are freely available from the RAGE Software web site. SOme features include;

  • Auto Complete and code hinting suggests possible tags, attributes and attribute values
  • Check document links, images, anchors, style sheets, javascripts and other external files
  • Convert entire web sites to XHTML and CSS
  • Check document syntax and accessibility
  • Intelligent syntax coloring for HTML, PHP, CSS and more...
  • Live preview of web sites as you build them, including client/server scripts
  • File Includes allow editing one file to change entire site
  • Site Manager helps keep your web site up to date and organized
  • Auto conversion of HTML Entities as you type
  • Auto conversion of styled text to HTML, XHTML or CSS
  • Drag & Drop tools palette
  • Customizable tool bar
  • Attribute editor allows easy editing of tag attributes
  • Advanced find & replace, including multi-file search and powerful Regular Expression features
  • Condense text into smaller pictures
  • Upload and download files or folders right from your FTP server
  • Visually create Image Maps, form controls and other HTML elements
  • Check and Optimize HTML Syntax
  • Download web pages directly off the web
  • Create plug-ins to extend WebDesign's functionality


More memory may be required when using Language Extensions or plug-ins, or when opening several files.