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Audiocorder 4.5.0

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Audiocorder allows you to set the volume that the sound must reach to begin recording, and the volume at which it should end recording.

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Classic / OS X
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It also enables you to set the trigger length for the start and stop values, which helps you eliminate recording short bursts of sound or ending the recording process during a short pause.


  • Digitize a record album or tape
  • Each song can be stored as its own file
  • Record telephone conversations (check local restrictions on recording telephone calls)
  • Record audio from a scanner or other radio
  • Record sounds from nature, such as birds
  • Record of radio programs

Each sound file is stored in AIFF format, a Macintosh standard sound format. The audio can be sampled at 11, 22 or 44KHz, with a sample size of eight or 16 bits, monophonic or stereo. The name of each file contains the date and time that the recording began.

For more detailed information, including on updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.