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ClipDoubler 1.2.4

file size: 1.47 MB

ClipDoubler lets you copy and paste as much as you want.

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Classic / OS X
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If you need to copy and paste multiple items, just open ClipDoubler and use as many clipboards as you need. You can even edit the clipboards and clipping files.

It also has the ability to work with several file types. Drag and drop a text file or a PICT file onto the ClipDoubler application icon to place the contents on the clipboard. Do the same with the Finders Clipping files and Internet Shortcut files. You can also export clipboard contents to a Clipping or Internet Shortcut file by selecting the option from the Save As submenu in the File menu.

For more information, including on later updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


    Mac OS X.