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net_clipper 2 1.0 Build 33

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net_clipper uses TCP/IP to move clipboard content from one computer to another.

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Classic / OS X
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Why do the same thing twice on two different computers when you can use this program to transfer the information in a couple of clicks?

Features include:

  • Sends text and image clipboard data over the network
  • Users can check the data before it is uploaded
  • Trusted users can allow direct clipboard transfer
  • The messaging option sends quick messages directly without a central server
  • Cross-platform transfers are possible from Mac OS 7.6.1 through Mac OS X and Windows 9.x
  • The client search facility finds other net_clipper clients on your local network
  • Images and styled text are only supported on the Macintosh platform

For more information, including on later updates, please read the documentation or visit the home page.


Requirements: a PowerMacintosh running system Mac OS X 10.0.0 or higher, 3MB of free RAM and 3MB of hard drive space.