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Scheme Factory PR1.1

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Scheme Factory might be the next-generation Kaleidoscope Scheme editor.

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It's compatible with Mac OS 8 and higher, as well as the System 7 family, as long as you've installed the Appearance Manager, which is available from Apple.

Unfortunately, because this is a Preview Release, it's far from complete.

Preview Release 1 of Scheme Factory contains two distinct types of editing environments: the window editor and the control editor.

Scheme Factory will allow you to make more than 90 percent of your Kaleidoscope Scheme functional, without having to enter a resource editing environment.

Note: A separate application (clip2cicn) is included at this time to get your images into Scheme Factory.

In the next major release, you will be able to copy images from your image-editing environment and paste them directly into Scheme Factory.

Check the online manual within the home page for further instructions.