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PreviewMaker 2.4.1

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Easily test and sample all aspects of your Kaleidoscope Schemes or Appearance Themes, as well as create previews to show off your creations.

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PreviewMaker is an application tool that shows off the important attributes of a Kaleidoscope scheme.

Much like Apples Appearance Test application, PreviewMaker shows all forms and fashions of windows and controls:

  • All variations of Bevel Buttons;
  • Finder-like windows;
  • Utility windows;
  • Modal and Movable Alert and Dialog windows;
  • Every Control Type available.

    PreviewMaker also shows you 122 patchable icl8 icons, and 160 patchable ics8 icons, by resource ID and name.

    If your scheme has the resource, youll get to preview it. If it doesnt, you'll know what you need to fix.

    Lastly, PreviewMaker has 12 built-in preview window layouts that you can generate for screenshots. Enter the schemes name in the Preview Generator window, choose a layout option and hit generate. Then use your favorite screen capture utility to grab an image for your Web page.